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Arts Society Basingstoke Lectures

Are you wondering how to fill your day during the restrictions of this lockdown?

Why not join one of our Zoom lectures? We are the Basingstoke branch of the Arts Society and we have moved our program of monthly lectures from Sherfield on Loddon Village Hall to Zoom during lockdown. We enjoy stimulating talks from Arts Society registered lectures on a wide range of topics. We are inviting anyone who is interested to join us at these lectures which are live on the third Wednesday each month at 10.45am. Lectures last for an hour and there is opportunity to put questions to the lecturer at the end.

Previous lectures: Our January lecture was about the artist Frida Kahlo - ‘Recollections of a Life of Canvas’ given by Sian Walters. Our February lecture was ‘Fakes and Forgeries’ the Art of Deception, given by a former police detective, Michael Kenwood. We also had a study day at the end of February to learn in more depth about ‘Music in Art’ by Peter Medhurst.

Next lecture on 17th March at 10.45am, ‘The art and Culture of Fin-de- Siecle, Vienna’, given by Gavin Plumley. At the turn of the last century Vienna was the capital of a vast empire and one of the most exciting artistic laboratories in the world. It produced painters such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Oscar Kokoschka, architects like Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffman, the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the composer Gustav Mahler and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. This lecture looks at these and other figures in the context of the society in which they worked and asks how and why the City of Dreams became a cultural hotbed around 1900.

Do join us on 17th March. For non members the lecture costs only £5...to register visit: theartssocietybasingstoke.org.uk.

Guest registration and payment for Zoom lectures: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCclVV9RKIDMYU9ZtUQsvcbD_ng0rTMfTBIlBFncen_h_IA/viewform

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Tessa Elphick