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Basingstoke Voluntary Action

NCVO are providing guidance and resources to support charities and voluntary organisations during covid-19. This includes information on working with staff, volunteering and safeguarding. Webinars are also being run to help those who need it! https://www.bvaction.org.uk/ncvo-managing-your-organisation/

Effective Use of Social Media

We are running a one-hour session on 18th February to look at the basics of marketing & how to best utilise your social media channels. This session is intended for those with an established understanding of social media who would like to learn the next steps. https://www.bvaction.org.uk/effective-use-of-social-media-for-not-for-profit-organisation/

Giving World Charity

Giving World are here to help charities access brand new life-essentials for free. They redirect business end-of-line, surplus and discontinued stock to the most deprived communities in the UK. They have a wide range of products available to support you so look now! https://www.bvaction.org.uk/giving-world-free-supplies-for-your-charity/

Community Lottery Update

Since the lottery began in November, we have seen upwards of 15-25 winners per week. The cash prizes are always a favourite among our ticket holders for obvious reasons & we are over the moon to be able to say that large amounts are beginning to be won! We have now had three £250 winners. https://www.bvaction.org.uk/community-lottery-update-2/

Holiday Activities & Food Programme

The government announced that the holiday activities and food programme will be expanded across the whole of England in 2021. The programme has provided healthy food and enriching activities to disadvantaged children since 2018. https://www.bvaction.org.uk/holiday-activities-and-food-programme/

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