• Jo Appleford-Cook

Borough Councillor - Paul Miller

We now live in a very different world than a short time ago and we are, in the main, hearing and adhering to all the advice and guidance that is being issued by central government and repeated on local media. Our main method of communication is digital or phone calls to friends and family together with the friendly Hi! to fellow ‘exercisers’ when out walking and cycling.

On the topic of exercising, please would we all remind those very very few in our community who seem to think that to use the Trim Trail along Petty’s Brook or play football kick-about on the Village Hall field does not constitute exercise under our present circumstances. Those kind of activities have the possibility of compromising the protection of social distancing and the risk of contaminating the exercise equipment, the very reason the childrens’ play areas have been closed.

On a positive note, the lovely weather has improved our gardening skills and the Honey-do lists are getting shorter! The most uplifting activity recently has been our Thursday evening appreciation of not only the courageous NHS staff, but also all key workers that allow society to continue albeit on a limited basis – a big thank you to all of them.

Be safe Chineham!

Paul Miller Borough Councillor 01256 467400 07777 659022 Cllr.paul.miller@basingstoke.gov.uk