• Jo Appleford-Cook

Borough Councillor Paul Miller

How times have changed for us all from this time last year. I wish to congratulate the residents of Chineham that I have had social distancing contact with for their cheerfulness and acceptance of the restrictions that we are living with that will lead to the eventual control of this evil virus within our communities. Also my heartfelt thanks to all of my neighbours who have assisted my wife and I on our lockdown status for the past few weeks as we waited patiently for food deliveries to be available. These thanks go out to all of you who have rallied around the more vulnerable folks in Chineham and elsewhere, demonstrating that we as a community are generous with our time and caring towards those who need our help.

We celebrated VE Day on the8 May and my own Close was decorated with bunting and flags and in the afternoon, we all celebrated with appropriate music of the forties, BBQs and raised glasses on our front lawns to salute the Allied Forces that liberated Europe 75 years ago. It was a beautiful day and a well-deserved release from lockdown while complying with safety guidelines – it can be done.

I wish all my readers the very best, please stay safe and we should be rid of the threat from Covid19 in the foreseeable future.

Paul Miller

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