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Chineham Resident Request


Have you seen two elderly ladies trying to cross the road at the lights at the Chineham Village Hall? Then who was the idiot on Wednesday, 30th June, 12 noon, who, by luck, missed us waiting to cross? I saw a car approaching but fortunately was able to warn my partially sighted friend to wait. Just as well because the driver approached with speed and ignored the lights.

In our day these lights were known as Belisha Beacons to enable pedestrians to cross in safety. Does it not apply these days? The majority of drivers are courteous and wait for us to cross, but there are always the idiots so, if you get home safely, read the Highway Code. We are sure it will be in there, and you may not like it, but I hope your impatience will not deny you old age. So next time you allow us to cross, give us a wave and go safely on your way.

Joan and Lily