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Crime Prevention Bulletin

Holiday Scams

Fraudsters are experts at impersonating trusted organisations such as travel agencies and hospitality firms. To stay safe when booking holidays and event tickets, always follow the advice of the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign and take a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information in case it’s a scam.

Top Tips

When booking a holiday, check whether the company is an ABTA member by looking for the ABTA logo on the company’s website. You can verify membership of ABTA on their website.

Where possible, use a credit card when booking holidays over £100 and up to £30,000 as you receive protection under section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act.

Seatbelt Campaign

If you are involved in a collision and not wearing a seatbelt, the force you will hit the windscreen is approximately 30 to 60 times your own body weight. You are also twice as likely to die as those who wear a seatbelt.

This is the stark message our roads policing officers will be communicating as they take part in a national month of action around seatbelt education and enforcement.

From Monday, 24th May until Sunday, 13th June 2021, the Joint Operations Unit (JOU) of Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police will be supporting the National Police Chiefs' Council seatbelt campaign. It will see officers highlighting the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt – and from May 31st, carrying out dedicated operations targeting those who fail to wear a seatbelt despite the clear dangers.

Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG)

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary, are looking for young people aged 14 - 25 years old from a range of diverse backgrounds, to join the new Strategic YIAG for Hampshire and the IOW. This is an exciting opportunity for young people to discuss in a safe environment their views and experiences of policing. Visit https://www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/youth-iag

Dot Peen Property Marking Machine

The Country Watch team have been visiting both stables and liveries across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to mark tack for residents as a preventative measure. Post-codes are engraved onto items using the Dot Peen machine. Residents are then encouraged to record their items on the national property register Immobilise www.immobilise.com

Every year, we recover hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stolen property from the hands of criminals, but all too often there is no way of identifying the rightful owners. Being able to trace the ownership of the property not only helps people get their property back, but it can also provide evidence that is vital in securing convictions.

Contacting the Emergency Services

Autism Ambassadors from Hampshire Constabulary and Dimensions (https://dimensions-uk.org/) have worked together to create a useful animation on how someone with Autism can contact the emergency services.

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