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From Elaine Still

Even during lockdown it is important we continue to salt the roads people are using most – including those around hospitals and healthcare centres and surgeries plus schools which remain open for the children of critical workers. If you have to travel, please remember surfaces may be icy and slippery, and conditions foggy with limited visibility at times.

In addition to the efforts to keep Hampshire moving during the cold weather, it is important the public keep an eye on those who may be particularly vulnerable to the cold, such as the very young or old, and those with certain medical conditions, while ensuring they continue to follow COVID safety advice at all times.

If anyone is worried about an elderly neighbour or relative, they can call the Hampshire Coronavirus Support and Helpline on 0333 370 4000 Monday to Friday - 9am-5pm or weekends - 10am-3pm. Out of hours, call 0300 555 1373.