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Hampshire Swift Survey

Updated: Jan 15

Hampshire Swifts is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of swifts. You may have seen or heard these wonderful birds recently because they have just returned here from Africa to breed.

You can tell the difference between swifts and swallows because swifts make excited screaming noises over their nest sites, low zooming flights over property, and fly about in groups. They are boomerang shaped in flight, live in the air, and only ever land on to nest.

Sightings have been logged for the Shopping Centre and surrounding area of Chineham but not anywhere else north of the A33. It is so important to protect these endangered birds, so please report any sightings to one of the following.

Thank you.

Website: www.hampshireswifts.co.uk.

Email: andy@tali.me.uk.

Phone: 01256 477891.

Sarah Wright


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