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Letter to the Chat

Dear Editor,

I now feel compelled to write to 'The Chat' as I am deeply concerned about the level tree felling that is occurring across Chineham. It seems that hardly a day, or walk, goes by without witnessing the loss of yet more mature trees. Trees of all species, including what appear to be perfectly healthy mature oaks. Just today more mature trees to the north of Thornhill Way appear to have been lost. Whilst I fully understand the need for tree maintenance, and woodland thinning, I think the rate of loss, or the criteria used for selecting which trees may now have gone too far.

I am similarly concerned that whilst the Council may be responsible for a significant proportion of the current felling, the level of felling has failed to take into account just how many trees have are continuing to be felled privately by residents. I have been shocked to see in recent times that even trees planted specifically to form tree lined approaches to roads, have now been randomly felled by residents. There appears to be no justification for this and is clearly detrimental to a wider community asset.

Chineham is an attractive place to live by virtue of the amount of greenery and mature trees it supports. I fear there is in real danger of this being lost

I would suggest it would be helpful for Chineham residents to understand what criteria are being used for the current tree felling? And, what is actively being done to protect those trees that may remain?

Surely, in this day and age, and for the good of Chineham, we should be looking to protect our existing tree stock, and positively increase overall planting.

N Hince

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