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On 20th March, it is International Day of Happiness. Particularly this year, it is perhaps a day we should all take a moment to fulfil.

In the 2020 World Happiness Report, Finland topped the happiness rankings, with Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, just behind. (The UK was in 13th place).

So why is Finland doing so well?

Is it because Finland has the world’s highest annual consumption of milk per capita?

Or because Finnish athletes have won more Summer Olympic medals per capita than any other nation in the world?

Or because in Finland they enjoy unusual sports such as mosquito hunting, swamp football, rubber boot throwing?

Or because Finland hosts competitions such as the Air Guitar World Championship and the Wife Carrying World Championship?

Or because in Finland almost 100% of the bottles are recycled while almost 90% of them are returned for recycling after use?

Or because Finland has more heavy metal bands per capita than anywhere else?

(Source: thefactfile.org)

Language geeks like us would say that it’s because 100% of 25–34 year olds from Finland speak at least one foreign language! (Source: Eurostat).

And as the research suggests, learning a new language makes you happy. A study published in Current Biology in 2014, found that successfully learning the meaning of new words when studying a foreign language activated a part of the brain called the ventral striatum, where reward processing occurs. This region, sometimes referred to as the brain’s pleasure centre, is also activated when you gamble or eat a piece of chocolate. Learning a new language is of course a lot less risky than gambling so to do contact us at info@linguatastic.com if you’d like to possibly bring a little more happiness into your life!

Fiona Biermann