• Jo Appleford-Cook

Linguatastic Language School - June Edition

This month, on Sunday 14th, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day in the UK. Did you know though, that Austria and Belgium will be celebrating a week earlier, on 7th June? And other countries such as Portugal, Spain and Italy celebrated back in March? And more still, will be celebrating later in the year! So why is there so much variance in the dates?  Well, those who celebrated earlier in the year were linking the celebrations to the Feast of St. Joseph, father of Jesus.

In Russia, Father’s Day overlaps with their Defender of the Fatherland Day (23rd February). In Germany, Father’s Day is on the 40th day after Easter Sunday, on Ascension Day. Many fathers spend the time with their families, enjoy a nice meal with them, go for a walk, etc. Others though, celebrate with other fathers, away from the family, enjoying a barbecue together or going on a pub crawl…I wonder which type of Father’s Day the fathers of Chineham will be having this year??!!

Now talking of celebrations, last month we would have been celebrating our 35th anniversary and before the lockdown, we were working towards putting on a show for the children. Alas, this wasn’t meant to be and so instead, we’ve been celebrating online with the children sharing clips of them “performing” little pieces in different languages. Please, if you have a moment, do visit our Facebook page (search Linguatastic) and you’ll see what they’ve achieved. At the time of writing, we are still in lockdown and it may be that at the time of reading, Linguatastic is still unable to offer face-to-face lessons. The great thing is though, that we are able to offer interactive lessons online and are welcoming children (and adults) who don’t usually attend our sessions to join. We have classes for preschoolers, primary school children, secondary school children and adults in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Classes offer the opportunity to interact with others, have fun and stimulate the grey matter! For further information, e-mail: info@linguatastic.com. Fiona Biermann