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Meals on Wheels: The Camrose Centre is still helping the homeless during lockdown

Staff and volunteers from The Camrose Centre have set up a temporary 'meals on wheels' service, delivering hot food to clients. Homeless and vulnerably housed people are unable to access food or support which they usually get from The Camrose day sessions, as the Centre is currently closed for lockdown. Clients are being housed during this time (via temporary Government funding) in several hotels in the region, but food is not included.

Camrose staff have begun deliveries of the hot meals, which are prepared by volunteers at the Camrose Centre kitchen and personally delivered three times a week.

Clients are being supplied with a hot meal such as sausage casserole and mashed potato, followed by home-made cheesecake, along with additional food packs, toiletries and underwear.

Centre Manager Clare Farrow said "Our homeless clients are missing the atmosphere and care that they normally receive when they come to the Camrose Centre. With the help of staff and volunteers, we can come to them while lockdown continues."

To help us continue to support the homeless and vulnerably housed in Basingstoke please consider donating here https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/14589

Samantha Baker


Volunteers Jen and Leo fill takeaway boxes with hot food.

Volunteer Jen loads up the insulated bag with meals for Camrose clients.