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Minister’s Message for July 2021

Regard for the weak!

'Blessed are those who have regard for the weak;

the Lord delivers them in times of trouble'.

Psalm 41

It's so wonderful to be coming out of our times of isolation and seeming hibernation!

Who would have thought in years past that we would be so grateful to give a dear one a hug, to sit round a table with a few friends, to go back to the reality of gathering in person and to enjoy walking with special friends!

However, for many of us it's going to be a gradual process to reverse the strict restrictions and begin to move towards a semblance of normality. I think many of us are going to find it difficult to take the tentative steps that will be required over the next few months, and we are going to need such care and consideration for each other. We are often unaware of why some of us might need to be more cautious during this time, but one thing is certain----that we will navigate this path much more successfully as we stand shoulder to shoulder and give with God's help, strength and encouragement to each other.

God has the most amazing regard for the weak and any person who helps them is given a special blessing. What a privilege to join in with God's great mission of love!

I've been involved with a group recently which has been an incredible example of expressing this genuine consideration for someone who has been in isolation from his church family. In order to join the group on Zoom he would have to travel to a lay-by a considerable distance from his home and join the group while sitting in the dark in his car, in order to get a suitable signal!

So much care was given to rectify this situation! A laptop appeared miraculously, lessons were given so skill was gained and very shortly he was able to join us easily from the comfort of his own home and of course he loved being able to be a fully participating member of the group despite living in a very secluded area.

Maybe this seems a very small example, but it spoke so deeply to me of how God has such an incredible heart of care for the vulnerable, the poor, the isolated and the weak.

In this one situation I saw our wonderful God at work through his dear people through whom his arms and hands of care were expressed so very clearly.

'Father of such great compassion, give us eyes to see when others are in need, ears to hear your voice of guidance as we respond and arms that can be stretched out in love and mercy to care and strengthen the weak. We ask that we can be your true representatives in this precious but vulnerable world'. Amen.

Hazel Marchment (Basingstoke Community Churches)