• Jo Appleford-Cook

National Women’s Register

National Women’s Register (NWR) has cancelled our physical meetings for the time being.

NWR began in 1960 when many women were frequently denied the opportunity to return to work after starting a family. It was recognised that there was a strong need to break from domestic responsibilities and to connect with other lively-minded women. NWR continues today to celebrate the fostering of friendships and the cultivating of minds, recognising that these are timeless fundamental human needs.

NWR are embracing social media to stay in touch, and keep our minds active, including a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus.

Our local Group had great fun getting to grips with Zoom technology for our scheduled first Monday of the month meeting. The theme was Stress Management which had been selected at our planning meeting last October. Little did we know even a few weeks ago how our lives have changed. The challenges of Covid-19 and the necessary restrictions to our lives have had an impact on what had previously been very easy lives.

On 28th February 2020 NWR featured on Woman’s Hour. After many years of being a "Best Kept Secret" with recommendations passed around by word of mouth, NWR was given nationwide publicity.

Listen to the interview by clicking http://tiny.cc/n3kpkm, or read about it in The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/feb/27/i-met-women-who-wanted-to-discuss-non-baby-things-how-60-years-of-the-national-womens-register-changed-lives.

Further information can be found via www.nwr.org.uk; Sandie (sandra.tapping@gmail.com); or Karen (01256 328488).

Sandie Tapping