• Jo Appleford-Cook

National Women's Register

National Women's Register (NWR) has groups across the UK that connect women who are interested in everything and talk about anything! We usually meet physically for lively discussions, to share ideas, meet other women and make new friends.

During lockdown members of Chineham and Old Basing NWR are maintaining our sanity by staying in touch via phone, WhatsApp, emails and Zoom.

Every Monday at 2pm we have a Zoom meeting when between 6 and 15 of us get together for exercise sessions, quizzes and generally keeping up with news. On 4th May we had a more serious meeting. Each of us researched a female artist (art in the widest form, not just paintings) and reported back to others. Our choices were very wide reflecting the different interests of our members from Yayoi Kusama to Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun.

NWR Headquarters are also embracing social media to keep our minds active, including a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus, National Quizzes via Zoom, as well as access to live speakers. For the quiz nearly 100 ladies from across the UK took part on three different nights.

In April Ruth Badley, a successful journalist, a food & arts writer, a teacher who has worked internationally - notably with Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees and a PR and media consultant was the first live speaker.

In May Headquarters arranged for Ginny Davis, a writer and performer for theatre and a public speaker to treat us to a dramatic reading of her comedy ‘Family Matters’.

If you want to keep your mind active during lockdown or want to join our Group after lockdown has finished information can be found via www.nwr.org.uk; Sandie (sandra.tapping@gmail.com); or Karen (01256 328488).

Sandie Tapping