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Updated: Jan 15

I saw an article on attracting bees to our gardens that told how there were so many different types of bees and that a few of them actually lived in hives, as I had always thought. I learned that some of the small excavations in my lawn were not, as I had thought ants, but bees that tunnel down up to a foot below ground to raise the next generation. There were bees that lived in holes in wood and that I could actually build a "Bee Hotel".

The bees like holes 9 or 10mm diameter about 10 to 12cm deep, so I drilled a load of holes in a piece of old timber in the garage and mounted it on the north facing side of our garden wall. I thought we would be lucky to see anything for ages, but within a week, we spotted loads of bees investigating our Bee Hotel, crawling into the holes and having a real good look around.

Shortly one of the bees started to block off one of the holes with a leaf it had

fashioned to fit it, we had let our first suite. Now less than three weeks since I put it up we have eight of the 18 holes left, and we never needed an estate agent, mind you at a rent of zero the Hotel is quite attractive.

It is fascinating watching the bees work and the thought that we are helping nature as well is a good feeling.

I look forward to next year when the residence of Bee Hotel, Saffron close, come out to pollinate our fruit trees and flowers.

Michael Devenport

Saffron Close


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