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News from Forest Oak

All through the global pandemic when other schools were closed, we have kept going and it has been a long eighteen months. As a school we have worked hard to balance the provision offer and keeping everyone safe and against the odds I think you will agree we have handled it well.

Our reviews over the last year continue to show that the children have made good progress and although restricted in some of the things we could do, we have maintained so much of our curriculum and where it has not been possible to go out in the community for shopping or some leisure activities, we have found school-based replacements.

We have recently had our closing down sale for the school shop and we move back to tuck shop and community shopping. It has been great to get our external therapists back in school, although we did do yoga via zoom.

Healthy Living sessions with Howard have returned, although we continued with juicing throughout the year.

Horse riding is enjoyed by many of our students developing balance, strengthening core muscles, and giving confidence to try new experiences.

Our numeracy in play activities continues to thrive and taking the learning to the environment where the child feels comfortable is so important to our ethos. Our cultural curriculum is supported by teachers in weekdays and weekends as we create themed days around the national calendar.

Forest Oak now nestles comfortably on site as if it has always been part of the school. We are very happy with the buildings and having all children now on site. Planning permission for phase 2 is currently with the council and we aim to start building summer 2022, three new homes for Penguins, Robins and Ravens.

HMS Cornick our play ship has been created also during the lockdown period and is providing a wonderful new play resource.

We gained the highest award for our school’s horticulture work from RHS.

Teaching the classics through immersive theatre.

Once again, the arts team have delighted us with their artistic skills and created two immersive theatre productions. One based indoors with the theme of the elements and the second taking a selection of Greek mythological stories and forming Greek Week.

The children enjoyed taking part in activities linked to the Greek mythological stories and it was lovely to use the amphitheatre for a starting point for the story telling.