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Probus Welcomes New Members

Probus Club of Basingstoke Update

Probus Welcomes New Members

With significant reductions in the guidance and regulations all have endured during the Covid-19 epidemic, the Probus Club of Basingstoke is planning getting back to normal.

Richard Wood, a retired Chartered Engineer, who has been president for the last two years, similar in the way local councillors and the mayor continued in office, is keen to see this progression.

“As far as the Probus Club of Basingstoke is concerned we are really looking forward to resuming all the social contacts we enjoyed prior to March 23rd2020 when lockdown was announced.”

Richard continued, “During this time we kept regularly in touch with our members with phone calls to everyone on a rota basis, minutes of our monthly executive committee meetings circulated to all members, Zoom quizzes and talks by external speakers as well as the continued posting of news on our web site. It is appreciated that local magazines have published some of these things as it has been important to maintain the impression that unlike some organisations, that the Probus Club was not in a state of hibernation. It was not only alive but was still kicking.”

What is being anticipated is the return to monthly lunch meetings complete with guest speakers, social pub lunches with spouses, organised visits to interesting places and twice a year, more celebratory occasions.

The Probus Club will be happy if some retired men decide to join this social organisation that has continued unabated in Basingstoke for forty-two years.

It has been said that their members were once the movers and shakers in Basingstoke’s business community. Coming from a wide variety of professions, business managers and some military veterans, it is this mixture of life’s experiences that create such fellowship and lifelong friendships.

For an informal chat contact Secretary Stephen Thair on 01256 352909 or see the Contact Us page on the Probus web site www.probusbasingstoke.club