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Psychological Informed Creative Art Projects in Basingstoke

At artWell we think that everyone is creative. And that when people are creative amazing things can happen. In childhood we all learnt to play and connect with our friends. Our workshops will help you open up to this wonderful world of play and help you rediscover, explore, have fun and the freedom to be yourself. We often hear people say that they ‘can’t do art’ but we think we can change your mind. Our workshops and projects introduce a variety of creative activities, often inviting as guest artists, other practitioners from disciplines such as film, music, poetry and performance. We hope our workshops are fun to take part in and give you a wide introduction to creative art practices that will help you to bring your creative work alive.

So, whatever your background or experience, or if you have forgotten the last time you picked up a paint brush or pen, tapped a rhythm on the worktop or danced around the kitchen whilst tea was cooking and generally felt good about life, we have a workshop or project for you. We believe this is an essential part of being who you are. Alongside our workshops we have a passion in working with people who have survived challenging life experiences. Experiences that may have impacted on mental wellbeing. With a focus on recovery, we create safe and supportive creative environments where you can work and get to know other people who understand and ‘get it’ without the necessity of words. We find that this provides the ideal conditions for someone to find their confidence, process their experiences, connect with others and start living their lives to the full. Your life experiences are what make you, you, and are essential in bringing life and meaning to creative work.

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know about our new project Looking Through the Window. This project is aimed at people who have experienced an increase in levels of anxiety or depression during Covid19. If you feel you have been affected you can be referred by your Social Prescriber at your GP Surgery, Support Services, Secondary Mental Health Care Teams or apply through self-referral. Please take a look at our brand-new website to see some of the other workshops and projects we are currently running. Veterans Project - Nationwide online project aimed at Veterans and their families. Psychologically informed creative arts project. Ends 12th May Mental Health Project - This Is My Space is an ongoing where participants focus on developing their own work as well as participating in group work. Previous partnerships with The Philharmonia Orchestra, London. Mental Health/Covid19 project - recruiting now Female Autism - recruiting now Homeless Project - Details to be confirmed The Directors and guest artists have a number of lived experiences and learnt skills to inform the creative workshops and projects so you are never far away from someone who ‘gets it’. Each workshop is subtly underpinned with psychological knowledge and approaches as well as an understanding of why art is an essential element of thriving communities. The core ethos of the organisation is in listening and co-producing work that is participant-led. Sculptor and Founder Corinne Marsh, has taught art extensively in the UK and Europe. She is passionate about working with you to charge your work and life with vitality, in so-doing bring positive change to communities. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in joining a workshop or project, or just need to find out more information about any of our projects or public workshops. hello@artwell-basingstoke.co.uk +447846779746 website www.artwell-basingstoke.co.uk