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Read Easy Basingstoke

Read Easy Basingstoke set up in August 2019 as a free service to help adults who struggle with reading. We were delighted to have been able to celebrate in December, in a social distancing setting, our very first graduation. Despite all the difficulties of 2020, Joelma and her Coach, Claire have managed to continue their coaching sessions, one way or another. In the second lockdown, they both had reading manuals and continued their sessions over the phone which worked surprisingly well.

Claire says that Joelma has made fantastic progress and Joelma is thrilled that she now feels sufficiently confident to read to her children, and help them with their own reading. It has been life changing for her.

Our Volunteer Coaches have been training online which means that coaching sessions for Readers can take place during this Lockdown safely from home. Readers can do their coaching sessions online with tablets, which we will supply at no cost, or otherwise on their phones. Help will of course be given on how to use the tablets, but it’s as easy as pressing a button!

Our services are completely free and so please get in touch if you know someone who might benefit. With 2.4 million adults in England, and at least 7,000 in Basingstoke, who cannot read at all or who can barely read, we know there is a huge need for our service.

Please call us on 07952 450 789 or email basingstoke@readeasy.org.uk

Lindy O’Callaghan