• Jo Appleford-Cook

Rotary Club

Unfortunately our Stroke Prevention Day on the 16th May 2020 will not take place.

The Coronavirus crisis has had a huge knock on effect for all charities. Almost all charities depend on their fundraising, special events and shops to provide their necessary income. Rotary Clubs are registered charities so Covid 19 will severely curtail our fundraising plans and affect our ability to financially support local charities we will however continue to provide our service and peoplepower to help charities with their fundraising wherever we can.

The Rotary Annual International Boxing Dinner is unable to take place as planned in October. In the present conditions boxers are unable to train or to take part in competitions which would lead to them being chosen to compete in this event. This means that they cannot be safely matched against international opponents. In light of this England Boxing are rightly unable to supply a team. As one of our main fundraising events for this year this is, of course, a disappointment but we are already planning this event for 2021.

Basingstoke Festival of Transport: This has been rescheduled for 13th September 2020 in the Memorial Park, 11.00am until 4.00pm. This is a free outdoor event and we are crossing our fingers and hoping that this great celebration of British life and engineering will give us all the lift we need. Please check our website (www.rcbd.org.uk) and social media for further updates.

Corona Quiz:

Below are clues to London underground stations: e.g. Weapon store = Arsenal

1. Patella’s lair

2. The monarch is irate

3. Old school teaching materials are grown here

4. Mad dogs stop here

5. See clowns at the cattle crossing

6. Oriental cured pork

7. In the hop county

8. Abba’s first battle

9. Blow one’s own in New York thoroughfare

10. You’ll never walk alone here

11. Give them a big hand but not in the north

12. Lofty hair

13. Where the Dutch keep their cars

14. Does Dr Foster live here

15. Nellie’s royal home

16. Girl brewer

17. Way in to four weddings and a funeral

18. Crickets going on but not round here

19. Nicholas is envious

20. Where to look for a plumber

The answers will be on our website (www.rcbd.org.uk) and social media.

Lindy Richardson