• Jo Appleford-Cook

Rotary Club

Rotary in Lockdown

Zoom and other on-line communication tools have become essential parts of our lives over recent months. With embargoes on live meetings our Rotary Club, led by our younger members, embraced this modern technology and whilst at first somewhat tentative, we are now running our weekly club meetings and also a Saturday coffee morning on Zoom, as well as Board Meetings. This has meant that we have been able to carry on with all that Rotary does in supporting our charities.

The unexpected bonus of this is that it has enabled us to keep our club fellowship and camaraderie, a very important part of being a Rotarian. We have maintained our friendships with our meetings, as ever, full of fun and humour along with the serious business. Being a member of a Rotary Club has been a lifeline for us in these times.

We still have guest speakers and members have organised Desert Island Discs and Room 101 sessions, it’s amazing what we’ve learnt about each other. Rotarian Julian Ricketts has been entertaining us each Saturday evening with his Cocktail Master Classes on Facebook. Unfortunately, you can’t sample them, but you can follow the class and make your own – and no need to worry about driving home!

Basingstoke Festival of Transport

This event has been rescheduled for 13th September 2020 in the Memorial Park 11:00am- 4:00pm. This is a free outdoor event and we are crossing our fingers and hoping that this great celebration of British life and engineering will give us all the lift we need as life returns to normality. Check our website and social media for updates.

Corona Quiz

Below are clues to places around the world, the spelling is not always the same, it may just sound similar, e.g. to wander = Rome

1. Urinating monarch

2. Goes to bed with Dougal

3. Good French

4. Ms Loren

5. Pa’s suitcase

6. French friend belongs to me

7. Boleyn on the floss

8. EEE

9. Knitted by a cow

10. Elizabeth c’est good

11. Where does superman buy his clothes

12. Royal bird on the briny

13. Bouncing in wonderland

14. Please purchase

15. Long delay for a line of people?

16. I will question the woman

17. Meadow Full Of Cooks

18. Italian Ford

19. Water barrier made of domesticated rodents

20. Python film

Answers will be on our website and social media after June 1st 2020.

Lindy Richardson