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Toucan and Hart Travel Continue to Navigate Uncertainty Around Foreign Holidays


Toucan and Hart Travel Continue to Navigate Uncertainty Around Foreign Holidays.

Never has there been a year when understanding what is involved in travelling on that Summer Holiday has been more important. Which countries are on the green list? Can I travel to amber countries? What COVID-19 tests are required? Do I have to isolate?

Whilst we are making extremely small steps in the right direction, compliance with regulations is still making international travel difficult.

Toucan and Hart Travel are an ABTA bonded independent travel agent with four High Street Travel branches in Chineham, Fleet, Tadley and Hook, and have been trading in the Southeast of England since 1982.

No strangers to the travel crisis, they have seen customers through several turbulent times which have impacted the travel industry, including the events on 9/11, Ash Cloud closing the skies, and more recently the collapse of Thomas Cook Holidays. However, COVID-19 has impacted the industry unlike any other event and continues to do so 16 months later.

When asked about the impact the pandemic has had on Toucan and Hart Travel Regional Manager Caroline Sawyer said, “It’s been incredibly difficult for the industry, International Travel has in effect been closed for the last 16 months.”

The High Street agent has remained open either in branch or via telephone and email throughout the pandemic, assisting customers with changing their holidays, or obtaining refunds for lost travel arrangements, and as travel restrictions begin to ease, providing valuable information on the testing required to travel.

Sawyer added, “In terms of International Travel, it would be really helpful to have more clarity from the Government and more notice on what is going on the green list and what’s coming off “

The news this week has certainly been brighter for Travel, with the hope that more destinations are soon to be added to the green list over the coming days, whilst conversations around quarantine free travel to amber list countries has boosted confidence that travel is just around the corner. Sawyer said, “We have seen a bigger number of enquiries this week, which suggests a real hunger for holidays abroad”.

Looking to the future, and the safe return of International Travel this Summer, Toucan and Hart Travel has negotiated exclusive discounts for Green and Amber PCR Test Packages, to offer customers reassurance and clarity around the cost, as well as providing invaluable advice on the latest requirements surrounding testing for travel.

Having recently returned from a trip to the Sun-drenched Costa Del Sol, CEO at JTA Travel, Wayne Darrock had this to say on his first international trip this year “Just landed into London City Airport, cleared customs, collected my bags, and was back in my car within 15 minutes with no queues. Day two and day five tests are included in my Amber PCR Test Package, and so after just a few days at home, I will be released from quarantine. Now I know how easy the process is at both airports, I cannot wait to take the family away this Summer.”

The teams at both Toucan and Hart Travel believe that impartial, expert advice, matched with the reassurance of added flexibility, and the opportunity to support the High Street by shopping locally has never been more important.

They continue to look forward to sunnier days and the return of their customers, old and new for safe international travel this Summer.