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Walk n Talk 4 Mental Health

We are people who are willing to listen; not judge. Our mission is to normalise conversations about mental health and show it’s ok not to be ok.

We organise regular local walks either in groups or one to one, and our trained mental health first aiders are there should you need them.

We offer a safe space to open up in and the chance to hear that someone else might be feeling what you’re feeling. Together, that support makes mental illness far less lonely, less shameful, less taboo.


• Tuesdays 4.45 to walk at 5pm, Charlton Lakes, Andover

• Thursdays 5.45 to walk at 6pm, Rooksbury Lakes, Andover

• One to One walks at agreed locations by appointment

Keep Walking and Talking

For more information contact Jude Price 0779 5423101 or visit www.walk-and-talk.co.uk