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We’re open for play at Old Basing Tennis Club!

Hello everyone and how lovely it is to be able to get back to all the activities that we all usually like doing, even if it is at a distance!

At Old Basing Tennis Club, located next to the cricket pitch in central Old Basing, we’re delighted to be back on court, hitting some balls again and playing tennis with our fellow members.

And it’s all change for us this year too, with better facilities and easier access to the courts! These improvements include: - Newly resurfaced and painted courts. - A new five-day membership for people who want to play during the week and not at weekends. - An on-line booking system to book your court, so you can always be sure that a court will be free for you when you arrive. - New sitting area around the clubhouse for watching play and having a cuppa and a chat after a game. - Combination lock to get into the court area. - Facebook page and website telling you what’s going on. - One of the cheapest tennis club memberships in the area. - Three club sessions a week when you can come along and play with other people. Tuesday and Thursdays from 6pm and Sunday mornings from 10am. But do remember to book your space using the on-line booking system. - Tennis coaching with Ben Jubin.

New members of any standard are always welcome to come and join us. To find out more contact us on Website: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/oldbasingtennisclub Email: obtc.information@gmail.com Facebook: Old Basing Tennis Club Coaching: BJTcoaching@gmail.com Penny Luke